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StarBot Technologies, a not for profit organization has been serving the South Florida community for over 15 years. StarBot inspires, educates and engages the future leaders of our local and global world through the latest robotic and engineering technologies delivered through classes, workshops, and competitions. Students from elementary through college, teachers and parents benefit from the many programs that Starbot offers.

The StarBot facility is filled with hands-on educational equipment from a full machine shop with mills, lathes, and welding equipment to the latest 3D Design software from SolidWorks. Students are offered more than 40 classes that relate to Engineering, Robotics and Technology. From Design Methodologies to Communications and Marketing the soft skills necessary to be competitive in the world marketplace are addressed. Hands-on classes in electronics, welding, robot design machining, trouble shooting and re-engineering.

StarBot offers Teachers and Instructors the opportunity to come and play and learn as well. Providing continuing education for teachers and instructors in the fields of robotics and engineering is a priority as the United States faces a challenge to keep providing a workforce that can be competitive in the global market. The importance of keeping our teachers up to date with the latest advances in engineering and robotics ensures that the students move forward with the tools and skills they need to succeed.

StarBot offers Robotic and Engineering Camps for novices as well as seasoned builders. Over the years Starbot has been a driving force in bringing robotics camps to under-represented minority students. Summer Camps take the elements of math and science from the classroom and bring them to life through the design and building of fun robots that compete to see who has the best ideas.

The 305 Consortium was created by the founders of StarBot. The "305" is a grassroots group of teachers, mentors, students, administrators, business executives and parents who meet regularly to find ways to offer the young people as many STEM related events as possible. From robot competitions, VEX, BattleBots, and LEGO, to ERGO (Energetic Ray Global Observatory), to the Bio-Blitz, with National Geographic and the National Parks Service, STEM projects with the Boy Scouts of America, and supporting the STEM TECH Olympiad, the "305" finds diverse ways of engaging the young people in stimulating STEM projects.

Graduates of StarBot have gone on to the best universities across the country, many with scholarships! MIT, Purdue, Notre Dame, Princeton, CalTech, Georgia Tech, Brown, Johns Hopkins, Harvard, Carnegie Mellon, Cornell, Columbia, UF, UM, FIU, Loyola, U Michigan, U Penn, West Point and many more. Many are now working in exciting fields: Designing medical robots and interactive robots, BioMedical Engineering, Civil Engineering, Medicine, Law, Publishing, Designing Military Prototypes, Environmental Engineering, General business and lots more.


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